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Question no: 1

What types of building products are accepted?

All submissions will be approved by the HKGBC. A summary of approved worldwide green building product certifications and programmes can be found at How to ApplyRecognised Certifications and Standards.

HKGBC accepts all products certified under the below categories of product certifications and programmes:

  • Ecolabelling Scheme (Type 1)  
  • Product Certifications on recycling content  
  • Product Certifications on Sustainable Sources  
  • Energy Efficiency Labels  
  • Product Carbon Footprint Labels  
  • Hazardous Substances Free  
  • Any other equivalent schemes  
If you have any further enquiry, please contact the helpdesk via epdir@hkgbc.org.hk

Question no: 2

How can I check my product submission status?

You can login to the website using your designated user ID and password. By clicking My Account > My product Application, you will be able to track the submission status of your products.

Question no: 3

What kind of payment methods will be available?

After completion of the submission of products onto the website, an invoice will be sent to you via email.

You can pay the relevant amount via the following methods:
  1. By cheque
  2. Bank-in account
For details, please refer to your payment advice.

For any enquiries, please contact the Secretariat at epdir@hkgbc.org.hk

Question no: 4

What is “My Wish List”?

Member can select favourite green building product and put it into My Wish List bracket. It is an useful and convenient tool for you to save your prioritised building products for future reference.

Question no: 5

How can I learn more about green building product?

HKGBC Eco-Product Directory provides regular updates on the industry trends on green building and green products. Regular training and seminars will be arranged and participants in the listing service are privileged to join these events.

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Question no: 6

Why shall we use green building products?

From green office supplies to good indoor air quality to using green building materials in a renovation, green building products are directly affecting the health and environment of people working or living inside the building.

Moreover, building materials, like concrete and steel, are one of the most energy consuming and carbon intensive materials. Therefore, in order to cope with global challenge to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption, procuring and using green building products will definitely be helping the planet.

Question no: 7

Can I put a series of product under the same submission?

For the single submission of products, the listing service allows a group of up to 5 products under the same series, in which the composition of the products shall be highly resemble (i.e. over 90% identical).

Examples were:
  • paints of the same series, only differ by the colours.
  • wooden panel cut into different sizes and shapes
However, the applicant must submit the supporting document and/or certifications for each of the 5 products to demonstrate the validity of the product.

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