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Recognised Certifications and Standards
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Although there is no existing well-defined standard for green building products, there are different types of certifications and green building standards to recognise different green properties for building materials and products.

HKGBC Eco-Product Directory accepts different types of green product certifications and environmental standards for building products around the globe, with the view to enhance the transparency of green building products in the market. The key objective for this service is to stimulate both the supply and demand of green building products in the industry and may also encourage the product providers to apply for green product label to enhance the recognition of their products in the market.

Worldwide Recognised Green Building Product Certifications and Standards

Herein provides a list of worldwide recognised Green Building Product Certifications and Standards and We accept all products certified by the below schemes or any other equivalent scheme approved by HKGBC.
Types of Certifications and Programmes Worldwide Examples of Corresponding Certifications and Programmes
A. Ecolabelling Scheme (Type 1)
A1. CIC Carbon Labelling Scheme
A2. HKGBC Green Product Accreditation and Standards (HK G-PASS)
A3. ABNT- Environmental Quality by Brazil Associacao Brasileira de Normas Tecnicas
A4. Der Blaue Engel (Blue Angel) by Germany Federal Environmental Agency
A5. China Environmental Labelling by China Environmental United Certification Center
A6. Croatia - Environmentally Friendly
A7. Ekologicky šetrné výrobky by Ministry of the Environment of Czech Republic
A8. China Environmentally Friendly Certification by China Quality Certification Centre (CQC)
A9. Eco Mark Program by Eco Mark Office, Japan Environment Association (JEA)
A10. EcoLogo by Canada
A11. Eco-INSTITUT-Label
A12. Ekologicky Setrany Vyrobek
A13. Ekolabel Indonesia by Ministry of Environment of Indonesia
A14. Environment Choice
A15. EU Ecolabel by European Commission
A16. Environmental Choice New Zealand by The New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust
A17. Ecolabelling Program in Ukraine by Living Planet
A18. Good Environmental Choice Australia
A19. Good Environmental Choice by The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation of Sweden
A20. National Ecolabelling Program- Green Choice Philippines by Philippine Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Inc.
A21. Green Crane
A22. Green Label Thailand by Thailand Environment Institute
A23. Greenmark Program by Environment and Development Foundation of Chinese Taipei
A24. Green Seal Mark
A25. Green Tag
A26. Hong Kong Eco-Labelling by Hong Kong Federation of Environmental Protection(HKFEP) Limited
A27. Hong Kong Green Label Scheme (HKGLS) by Hong Kong Green Council
A28. Nordic Swan Label by Nordic Ecolabelling Board
A29. Singapore Green Building Product Certification Scheme by Singapore Green Building Council
A30. Singapore Green Labelling Scheme by Singapore Environmental Council
A31. SIRIM Eco-labelling scheme by SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd
A32. TCO Certification by TCO Development
A33. The Korean Ecolabeling Program by Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI)
A34. Vitality Leaf by Saint-Petersburg Ecological Union of Russia
A35. Any other equivalent scheme approved by HKGBC
B. Product Certifications on recycling content
B1. Recycled Content Certification by GreenCircle
B2. SCS certified (Recycled Content)
B3. Any other equivalent scheme approved by HKGBC
C. Product Certifications on Sustainable Sources
C1. Forest Stewardship Certification ®
C2. Any other equivalent scheme approved by HKGBC
D. Energy Efficiency Labels
D1. CRRC Product Rating Program
D2. EU Energy Label according to 92/75/EEC
D3. Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme (MEELs)
D4. ENERGY STAR® and Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) for energy efficient products
D5. Any other equivalent scheme approved by HKGBC
E. Product Carbon Footprint Labels
E1. Carbon Trust Label
E2. Any other equivalent scheme approved by HKGBC
F. Hazardous Substances Free
F1. Hazardous Substances Free (HSF) Mark
F2. Design for the Environment (DfE) Program for lower hazard products
F3. Any other equivalent scheme approved by HKGBC
G. Other green product certifications
G1. GREENGURAD standard for low-emitting products
G2. IBO test mark
G3. IBU Type III Environmental Declaration (IBU Environmental Product Declaration)
G4. WaterSense for water efficient products
G5. Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program for ozone-depleting chemical substitutes
G6. Any other equivalent scheme approved by HKGBC
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