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Accredition : Formal recognition that a person or organization is competent to carry out specific tasks, such as certifying, verifying, sampling, testing, inspection or auditing compliance of an entity against an ecolabel’s standard or set of criteria. 

Application Fee : The fee paid to an ecolabel program by a company or organization in order to initiate an application for an ecolabel. In the event the application is successful, other fees may also apply (see license fees). 

Attribute : The characteristics or elements of products or services that determine the type and extent of their short and longer term impacts on the environment or human health. Environmental attributes include, for example, biodegradability, recyclability, VOC emissions, energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor air emissions, hazardous waste, carcinogenicity, 

Audit : A systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining evidence and evaluating it objectively to determine the extent to which criteria (of an ecolabel) are fulfilled. Audits may take place in before or after gaining certification; and can be scheduled or surprise. 

Auditor/ Audit by : An organization or individual with the competence to conduct an audit, verification or certification process. Competence is the demonstrated attributes and ability to apply the relevant knowledge or skills to conduct an audit. 
BSI : British Standards Institution 
Carbon Footprint : The total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person, in the unit of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). 

Certificate : A document or statement attesting to an entity or product meeting the criteria of an ecolabel, and thus being awarded the right to use the ecolabel in marketing, packaging etc. 

Certification : The process by which an entity is examined against the standard or set of criteria of an ecolabel. A successful certification process will result in the awarding of the ecolabel. Typically certification refers to third-party attestation that a product, process or service conforms to specified requirements. 

Certification Duration : The period of time for which the holder of the ecolabel may use and display it before it needs to be re-certified or re-audited to ensure standards are still being met. 

Certifier : An individual or organization who assesses compliance of an entity against a standard or set of criteria, and issues a certificate if deemed successful. 

Compliance Audit : A compliance audit checks to see if the entity is still meeting the standard or set of criteria of an ecolabel, and is correctly using the ecolabel in its marketing. 

Conformity Assessment : Activities concerned with demonstrating that requirements or criteria of a given standard or ecolabel are being fulfilled. 

CIC : Construction Industry Council 

Criteria : The specific conditions or indicators that have to be met in order for an entity to be awarded the use of an ecolabel. A set-of-criteria make up a standard. 
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